Language Moves: How to reconfigure your language to gain positive results

You’ve heard it a million times:  Yoga isn’t about the pose, the end result, the fancy stuff…but it is about what you learn through the poses that challenge you the most.  Why is that?  Let’s chat about the mind stuff, shall we?

‘Waking up to the habitual, disempowering things I would say to myself while in a pose was pivotal in my practice. It was a breakthrough for me to realize the impact of linguistics on my practice.’ #perfectlyimperfect {join our #bookclub to read with us} 📚 Join Book Club Group Here

Let’s break this down. I have been practicing for a L O N G time. I tend to be hard on myself when I can’t do certain poses after “all these years” or more common, get scared to try due to the fear of failing.   💡💡💡 Total lightbulb moment: there are lessons to be learned here.

I try my best to practice what I teach; one of the most important pieces: being present on your mat.  My mind runs wild and plays major tricks on me just like anyone else.  The ability to be present doesn’t mean turning the mind off.  It just means that you become an observer of your own thoughts.  When you face that pose that you don’t like or don’t think you can do, what words enter?

Is it really that you can’t do the pose or are you saying:

I don’t want to.

I can’t.

This is too much. 

This pose is crazy/stupid/wrong

This won’t work for me. 

I’m no good at this. 

Baron Bapitse breaks this down beautifully in the book: ‘I’ve heard so many variations of what people tell themselves on the mat when things get challenging’. How empowering is it to know that once you start observing these thoughts, you are in complete control to decide not to give up, to believe in yourself and to reverse the negative mind stuff?

What you do on your mat directly relates to how you handle situations off your mat.  We all know that repeated actions yield the same results.  That’s pretty straight forward.  Therefore, we need to make new moves and it starts with our Language.

How can you reconfigure your language to gain positive results?

🔮 Hint: Stop saying “I can’t” and say “I will”.

Also, having a teacher or friend or person who believes in you helps reinforce the mind stuff. That’s why going to a studio is so important. Yoga teachers want to help! You just need to show up!

I hope to see you on your mat.  Visit us in Gahanna at Namaste In Love Yoga Studio!

Leave a note below!  We would love to hear how this shift in dialect works for you!


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