namaste in love

new student intro offer

$32 FOR 32 DAYS

don’t Miss this deal! buy now + package starts the first day you come in.

We cannot wait to meet you! We created a special just for you so that you can experience as many classes as possible at a super low rate so that you can try all of the styles and instructors! Let us shower you with yoga love! If you want a sense of community, a space to feel safe being vulnerable, to laugh + be playful + maybe even sometimes dance or sing during a yoga class without any care in the world, you may have found your new home.

Offer is valid for new clients only. Your 32 days begins on the first day you enter our space and roll out your mat!


stay in love

Our studio is all about L O V E and more specifically, staying in it. Tough stuff happens to every single one of us. That’s why we recognize the importance of having positive tools to help us get through the pain. This practice has a plethora of physical benefits but it equally has emotional and healing benefits.

How do we start this journey? It all begins with the all-important self love. If you start here, you’re in for a powerful ride to your authentic path of happiness. Oh, also…do yoga. It helps.




“i was looking for a small, intimate studio where i could really connect to the teachers and other students and this is exactly what i found. all experience levels are welcome and the community is very supportive.”

- Lauren S




want to know one of our favorite things? it’s seeing our members interact and get to know each other. want to know one of our least favorite things? when people feel lonely or left out. so, we have an emphasis on community building activities beyond yoga, such as a weekly post-yoga hang out, a book club + a variety of workshops!