Book Club: Join In On The Fun!

Welcome to the Namaste In Love Book Club!

Our Book Club is open to anyone who wants to join us as long as you promise to love on yourself, care for yourself and use this group as a tool for continued personal development!  We typically meet once a month (last Sunday of the month) to laugh, share, cry, chat, open up and do whatever else it is we feel like doing. We have a volunteer "host" every month whose responsibilities include choosing a few books for the group to vote on, posting weekly chapter goals, interacting with the group throughout the month and organizing the meeting (prompted questions, leading the conversation, providing food and drinks).  Feel free to read through our notes from our very first meeting, when Namaste Book Club was formed! 

1. What is our goal for the group?

  • Build our community and get to know each other off our mats. Creates a safe environment to practice yoga next to people you know better and not feel as intimidated!
  • Open our doors to a broader community
  • Deepen our understanding of yoga
  • Self development and growth via reading and discussing with others
  • Have an open dialogue between members both in meetings and on the FaceBook group as a way to learn from each other and build a safe environment for all

2. What styles do we want to read?

  • Mindfulness/being present
  • Reinforces positive habits
  • Yoga humor
  • Yoga history (being aware of it not being too bland and still an easy read to get through for those that aren’t as interested by this topic)
  • Yoga biographies (how has yoga helped others)
  • Meditative practices/“how to”
  • Vegan/vegetarian books; supporting local farmers
  • Yoga styles explained

3. We will have a Host for every meeting

  • The Host will bring 3 - 4 of his/her book choices the month prior to hosting. The group will vote on their favorite choice (majority wins) and this will be the read!
  • Tip: It’s a good idea to look up if your books have Book Club Guides. Google this or use as an example.
  • If the Host cannot attend the meeting the month prior, he/she is responsible for posting their book choices in the FaceBook group prior to that meeting so that the group can still vote.

Host responsibilities for the Meeting

  • Drinks and tapas (small plates)
  • You can decide if you want to theme this off of the book. For example, if the book were ‘Wild’, you could bring campfire/hiking types of food and drinks
  • Be aware that many people in the group may be vegetarian/vegan and may have allergies (gluten, nut). Therefore, prepare a list of ingredients to bring with you.
  • List of questions (5 - 10): Please post on Friday before your Sunday meeting so that we have time to review and come prepared to discuss.
  • In charge of guiding the group discussion

Host responsibilities after the meeting:

  • Post a week by week schedule of what chapter or page we should end the week on.
  • Option to post a weekly recap or just “check-in” with the group at the end of each week to see if there are any topics we want to discuss, clarify or just chat about!
  • Use the Files tab in the FaceBook group to stay organized.
  • Location: Most of the time we will meet at the studio. We intend to choose one off-site location per month in order to partner with local organizations. We will plan as a group so that this is not solely on one person to plan.
  • If Trisha or one of the teachers cannot attend, she will place a LockBox on the door and let the host know the code prior to the meeting.

4. Schedule

  • Meetings take place at 12:30p every last Sunday of the month unless there is a holiday or a majority of the group cannot attend.  If the later is the case, host is welcome to post in the FaceBook group to see what day may be better for the group. 

5. Criteria for Attendance

  • Free Group to encourage participation of the community. You do not need to be a member at our studio but we would love to have you!
  • Drop-ins are allowed so Host will want to plan for extra 2-3 people than have committed on our event page
  • Please do your best to confirm if you are coming or not on FaceBook a few days prior so that they Host can plan accordingly.
  • Please note that we need to rotate hosts so if you are not actively hosting 1 - 2 times a  year, we may ask you for a small fee to participate in the funding of each event.  

6. Partnering with the Community

  • We would like to incorporate more Outreach with this program as well. Ideas are: volunteering (themed with book), going to local farmers/Gahanna Herb Center, bringing in local artists (i.e., wine and paint night), etc.
  • We called this “Field Trip” or “Group Night Out” and will try to do this in the evening so that people who can’t attend the Sunday Book Club time have an opportunity to come out!
  • Goal is once a quarter

If you have any other ideas, leave them in the comment sections below!