Influenced by

heartache + grief.

Inspired by

passion + love.


“Your past doesn’t have to define you, but it should influence and inspire you.” - Trisha

Everything about this studio was designed with love; from the name, the logo, the welcoming energy, the decor, the website and the gift of guiding others through yoga in hopes to provide a safe space of healing, growth and self-love.

I am truly blessed. I have an amazing family; supportive, caring, brilliant, loving, protective, hard-working, charismatic, generous, comforting. Parents who fell in love in high school and whose love has never swayed but only grown, who are full of guidance but not demand, let each of their children have their own voice and whose love is truly, down to the core, unconditional. My brothers and I are best friends. Todd is 8 years older, Trent 6 years older and I'm the baby. Todd always acted as my protector, a second father figure. Trent and I were besties. As I grew older, Todd and my adult friendship grew as strong as could be, given I was no longer "little Trisha Ann". Don't let me fool you, he was still always in full protective mode but we bonded on an entirely new level. Our family life seemed picture perfect...until May 9th, 2014.

It's the kind of heartache you can feel in your bones.