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Kids Yoga (ages 3 - 12)

This fun class for kids is a flow of continuous poses to keep their attention. We blend active yoga sequences, music, yoga-inspired games, mindfulness, and plenty of smiles into every session. Classes are age appropriate and no prior children's yoga experience is required. We have two group sessions, once a month for ages 3 - 6 and 7 - 12.

We do require that the parent/guardian stay for the session for safety purposes. You are welcome to participate or watch!

Upcoming Dates:

July 14th

August 25th

September 29th

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra - The art of deep relaxation

• July 12 • August 23 • September 27 •

Also known as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation bringing you into a state of consciousness somewhere between awake and asleep, pulling your senses increasingly inward.

This practice has been shown to be an effective technique to enter into the parasympathetic state of rest & digest; reducing tension, anxiety, and stress in the body.

This class is designed for all levels of experience to restore the body and relax the mind. This session will include pranayama (breathwork) and gentle physical practice to prepare for the nidra. Participants are encouraged to bring a light scarf or eye covering as well as socks to keep the feet warm. We will provide blankets and mats available for rental.

Goddess Circle

Gatherings Throughout The Year

• July 14 • August 25 • September 29 •

Many traditions from around the world honor the sacred space that is created when women gather to share their wisdom and empower one another through practices that lift their voices to be seen and heard. These gatherings are held in circle, a non-hierarchical space, where everyone's voice has equal value, fostering a sense of deep listening. In today's modern world of digital connection, we have lost our connection to wisdom circles and traditions, leaving us feeling isolated, lonely, and even adrift. A woman's circle is an opportunity to share our stories and remember our roots bridging the gap to the collective oneness we once shared.

These sessions will be held monthly with the exception of months that have an equinox or solstice in favor of a larger ceremony and meditation for our community. You might be asking yourself, what exactly will we be doing? Each circle gathering will be in alignment with the season and the particular needs of our bodies and minds for that season. We will use the cycles of Mama Nature to better understand our own health cycles/needs. Practices might include inspirational cards, mantra, dance (don't be scared - this will not look like club dancing), ancestral healing, and ritual creations for the routine of life.



No tickets required; join us anytime!

  • 1st Thursdays: Nama’Stay + Socialize:

    Every 1st Thursday of the month, we invite the community to gather at a local venue in Creekside to chat and get to know each other even better! The group meets after the 6p class concludes, around 7:30p.

  • Book Club:

    You do not need to be a member to join us! This is all about personal development, growth and community. We have a FaceBook group where we share more information. Please email info@namasteinlove.com or ask in the studio to get more information!

  • Yoga In The Park: Coming again this summer!

    Our local yoga studio, Namaste In Love in Creekside, is offering free yoga classes in the park on select Sunday's through the summer!  This was such a success last summer that we wanted to do it again.  The class will be a mixture of movement, flow, stretching and strengthening.  All levels are welcome as there will be modifications provided for those new to the practice.  Expect to have fun, laugh, enjoy the weather and get a workout in! 

    Other things to know:  Pre-registeration is recommended.  Waivers will be required either online via registration or before class starts.  Please bring your own yoga mat, small towel and water bottle. Mats are available to purchase at the studio in advance if needed.  Please meet outside Namaste In Love studio at 9:15a and the group will walk together to the park.   Children are more than welcome but please be mindful of those around you and the intent of yoga.  

    Yoga will be offered the following dates at 9:30a:

    - June 9 and 23

    - July 14 and 28

    - August 11 and 25


  • Kid’s Yoga

  • Pelvic Floor Workshops

  • Sock Yoga

  • DOGA: Yoga with Dogs

  • Intention Setting + Vision Boards

  • Buti Yoga

  • Physic Readings: nama’stay for a reading

  • Arm Balance Workshops

  • Inversion Workshops

  • Crystals + Yoga

  • Essential Oil Make + Takes

  • Couples Restorative Workshops

  • Essential Oils + Yoga Class

  • Free Yoga at Creekside Park (in the summer)

  • Free yoga at the Easton

  • Ashtanga Lecture: Learn the Lineage

  • Reiki Certifictions


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