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Arm Balance + Inversion Workshop

Saturday, January 19th • 11 - 12:30 pm

ALL LEVELS: Beginner + Beyond! Come face fears!

All the drills are appropriate whether you’re a beginner or “experienced”; this is meant to teach you what to focus on outside of your typical yoga class (or incorporate into your flow without instructor guidance) to build the elements required to lift off. We will also have lots of opportunities to play and take it to the place that you are in your practice, so the room will look different! We will do some partner work so this will be a true community practice. Bring a friend if you’d like!

$20 Member Price / $30 Guest Price.

Women’s Moon Circle

Sunday, January 20th • 3 - 5 pm

Join us on January 20th at 3p to kick off our new meditation & connection series.

Many traditions from around the world honor the sacred space that is created when women gather to share their wisdom and empower one another through practices that lift their voices to be seen and heard. These gatherings are held in circle, a non-hierarchical space, where everyone's voice has equal value, fostering a sense of deep listening. In today's modern world of digital connection, we have lost our connection to wisdom circles and traditions, leaving us feeling isolated, lonely, and even adrift. A woman's circle is an opportunity to share our stories and remember our roots bridging the gap to the collective oneness we once shared.

These sessions will be held monthly with the exception of months that have an equinox or solstice in favor of a larger ceremony and meditation for our community. You might be asking yourself, what exactly will we be doing? Each circle gathering will be in alignment with the season and the particular needs of our bodies and minds for that season. We will use the cycles of Mama Nature to better understand our own health cycles/needs. Practices might include inspirational cards, mantra, dance (don't be scared - this will not look like club dancing), ancestral healing, and ritual creations for the routine of life.

January's theme will be clearing space within our internal cosmos so that we can vision board or speak our dreams for 2019 into the greater cosmos.

This first gathering is complimentary for everyone.



No tickets required; join us anytime!

  • Thursdays: Nama’Stay + Socialize:

    Every Thursday we either go to a local restaurant or have an event after class for you to stay, chat and participate in the event. Such a great way to meet new people and form friendships!

  • Book Club:

    You do not need to be a member to join us! This is all about personal development, growth and community. We typically meet every last Sunday of the month. Ask for more info in the studio or check out the blog!


Reiki is a light-touch spiritual healing practice, and can help balance the body’s natural ability to heal, manage stress and promote emotional well being.  Private reiki sessions are available in 3-packs to ensure a deeper, more meaningful and effective experience. 

Reiki + Restore Small Group Class (2/22 & 3/22) • 6 - 7:15 pm

Enjoy and unwind in a small group restorative yoga session with additional reiki assists provided to each attendee several times within the 75 minute session. The reiki experience provided is individualized to each attendee. Members of Namaste in Love receive a huge discount!

Only 8 spots in this class so reserve your spot now!

$10 Member Price / $20 Guest Price.

Reiki Private Session with Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis is a Reiki Master Teacher since 2008 with experience in pre/post surgery, labor and delivery, and cancer treatment with adults and children.

3-Private Reiki Sessions:

$149.00 members / $229.00 guests



  • DOGA: Yoga with Dogs

  • Intention Setting + Vision Boards

  • Buti Yoga

  • Physic Readings: nama’stay for a reading

  • Arm Balance Workshops

  • Inversion Workshops

  • Crystals + Yoga

  • Essential Oil Make + Takes

  • Couples Restorative Workshops

  • Essential Oils + Yoga Class

  • Free Yoga at Creekside Park (in the summer)

  • Free yoga at the easton square

  • Ashtanga Lecture: Learn the Lineage

  • Reiki Certifictions


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